It’s the traditional use of materials and attention to detail that mark these boats out from other wooden newbuilds.

The Sailing Punts are built using the same approach to construction and to period detail as in the other replicas that I’ve built which include:

  • a solid, rabetted keel
  • a traditional ‘tuck’ stern
  • solid, steamed, edge-bent, gunwales
  • a wrought iron stem band
  • naturally ‘grown’ oak stem and knees throughout – avoiding glued laminations.
A 3″ slab like this produced the stem, deadwoods, breast-hook and all the knees.
By ‘nesting’, several
knees could be obtained from each piece.
The sheets are lead round these thumb-cleats.
The forefoot knee extends further aft to double as a mast step (the scribed circle represents the heel of the mast).

The interior is treated with a concoction of penetrating natural oils and Stockholm Tar which is cheap and easy to maintain and which, over time, allows an honest patina to develop. 

Collaboration with a blacksmith has produced a degree of authenticity rarely seen today and yet is instantly recognisable. The jumbo’s stemband (seen here) is  wrought from a single piece… 

…terminating with a fish-tailed feature which serves to tie the ends of the gun’ls.  Both attractive and practical, this period feature is found on all my boats.     

‘As I witnessed the quality of the build and the attention to detail, I realised that, although expensive, she was, actually, extremely good value for money.’ Scott Bowring, owner of Maia, St.Ives Sailing Punt No.2.

Please call or text me on 44 (0)7866 777219 to arrange a trial sail.